Monday, August 24, 2009


Pegasus, the great winged horse... the idea of which was a favorite of mine as a child. I mean, we are talking about a HORSE that can FLY! What could possibly be cooler, except maybe a cheetah that can fly? Ok, so that one was completely my own imagination... in any case, the constellation Pegasus represents the mythological beast of the same name. I was a big fan of the ones in Fantasia:

Here is what Pegasus the constellation looks like:

That's right - Pegasus is upside down when rising in the east. Perhaps he is in the middle of a loop-the-loop?

If you can find Andromeda, you can find Pegasus (and vice versa) - those "back legs" are in fact Andromeda and are not part of Pegasus at all.

Once you learn where it is, the square that makes up Pegasus's body is easy to spot. Four bright stars making something pretty darn close to a perfect square.

Now if only the stars would come out again...

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