Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New book... want...

I'm currently up North visiting my fiance. One of the rooms on campus that he frequents is filled with all manner of physics-related texts. I found this big ol' textbook called Introduction to Modern Astrophysics by Bradley W. Carroll and Dale A. Ostlie (and here it is on Amazon). Yes, indeed, it is a big bad textbook filled with chapters containing explanations on calculus and problems at the end of the chapters.

It talks about light, relativity, star formation/life, deep space objects, galaxies, quasars, and more - so much interesting stuff.

It does come with a college textbook price tag, although I think older editions would be less expensive. Maybe I can convince someone to get it for me for Christmas...

No worries, I won't be putting calc problems for you to solve on here! Unless want them. I'm still working on the basics; besides, this is a FUN blog, yes? If you really really want the calc problems I'm sure I can find some for you, though!

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  1. Hey I just saw your questions.
    I got the Year of Stars book by Fred Schaaf, as well as "The Brightest Stars" and "The 50 Best Sights in Astronomy and How to See Them" both by Fred Schaaf. I'm reading the 50 Best Sights right now and it's pretty informative.

    The water misters are kinda like that expect it's more like a hose line and massive amounts of mist. It's hard to imagine 115 degrees until you're actually in it, but let me tell you it's NOT enjoyable.