Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back again, meteors, and NEW CONSTELLATIONS!

WHOO, sorry about that long break! I was having problems signing in, but I figured it out! So onward!

So, I went out to see the meteors twice on the 12th - once around 5 AM UT (12 Eastern) and once around 8:30 AM UT (3:30 AM Eastern). It was awesome! First time was with my fiance, second time with my brother. The sky was so clear! It was quite beautiful.

Also, I discovered that my yard is not a complete waste of a place to stargaze. If I can maneuver myself so that the trees block out the street lamps, I get a somewhat decent view. In fact, I can now identify three more constellations by sight: Cepheus, Andromeda, and Pegasus. I'll give you some information on each of these in my next three blogs.

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